Saturday, August 4, 2012

mario bros vs. tunes

Papaskunk; just another sick artist or group I stumbled across on pandora. Reminds of a blend between samiyam and jdilla. Nice and smooth and not too heavy

Lovefest 2012

 So let me recap THE 2012 Lovefest....epic night to say the least.  Some of the djs may have been slacking, but due to the high energy and talent of other djs,  it made for quite the night. Off the top of my mind, Mimosa and Mstrcrft definitely did a good job melting my face off for their sets. It was a nice break from dubstep even tho I prefer it to house and hard trance on most occasions. All in all I give Lovefest two thumbs waaay up!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Best Day Ever was yesterday

Mac Miller dropped the much anticipated mixtape Best Day Ever yesterday. Naming him one of the 2011 freshman is one of the very few things XXL actually did right. Here's a video for Donald Trump, one of the more hype/party tracks on the mixtape.
This mixtape is definitely worth grabbing so... here you go:

BTW if you don't have his last mixtape K.I.D.S you've definitely gotta check that out too as it was easily one of my top three mixtapes of the year.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dirt Bag

Enter my dream world
Oh what luck to find this nymph!
Addicted to porn

feel good music

Some songs are really not about lyrical genius. I mean content is always important but there doesn't always have to be a serious message... sometimes you just wanna listen to some feel good music. Something reminiscent of Will Smith's old school jam Summertime. At times like these you can depend on Wiz. This track right here is just... smooth. Grab your lighter, ready your paraphernalia, sit back, listen, and enjoy.

Download this track at

Kill Dub - Coffi

Kill Dub. [WIP] by Coffi-dub

Do I even have to say it?